Beginning Python

  • Section 1: Python Basics

    In this section, we will go over the basics of getting started with Python. We will cover how to install Python as well as the programming environment setup. Once this is done, we will dive into the programming language basics: variable types and arithmetic operators.

    • The Course Overview and Installing Python
    • Setting Up a Programming Environment
    • Variables
    • Introduction to Types
    • Basic Operators

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  • Section 2: String Manipulation

    Strings are a fundamental data type used in everyday programming, and it is essential to have a good grasp on how to manipulate them. In this section, we will look at how to format and manipulate strings.

    • Introduction to Strings
    • String Functions
    • Advanced String Manipulation
    • String Formatting
    • User Input

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  • Section 3: Lists

    This section is all about lists. Lists are a fundamental data structure used to hold a variety of elements. We will cover how to manipulate lists and explore some of the built-in functions you can use with lists.

    • Introduction to Lists
    • List Methods
    • Advanced List Methods
    • Built-in List Functions
    • 2D Arrays and Array References
    • List Slicing

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  • Section 4: Conditionals

    In this section, we will focus on the concept of control flow. Control flow is how a program branches into making decisions. We will explore all the logical operators and keywords provided by Python to enable conditional statements to take place.

    • Control Flow
    • Comparison Operators
    • Else and Elif
    • and, or, and not
    • Conditional Examples
    • Mini Program

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  • Section 5: Loops and Iterables

    In this section, we will look at how to use for and while loops in Python. Furthermore, we will look at how loops are used with control flow statements from the previous section.

    • For Loop
    • While Loop
    • Iterables
    • Loops and Conditionals
    • Prime Number Checker

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  • Section 6: Functions

    The viewer will learn how to create functions in this section. The topics covered will be return statement, void functions, function parameters, as well as the special topic of recursion.

    • Function Basics
    • Parameters and Arguments
    • Return Versus Void Functions
    • Working with Examples
    • Advanced Examples
    • Recursion
    • Recursion Examples

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  • Section 7: Modules

    This section will cover how to use modules provided by Python. We will look at how to import and use built-in Python modules as well as how to create your own modules.

    • Import, as, and from
    • Python API and Modules
    • Creating Modules
    • Modules and Testing

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  • Section 8: Python and Picture Manipulation

    In this section, we will look into picture manipulation with Python. We will install a third-party module called Pillow to do pixel-based picture manipulations using techniques you have learned throughout this video series.

    • Installing PIL/Pillow
    • Basics of Using PIL/Pillow
    • Picture Manipulations
    • Custom Picture Manipulation
    • Wrapping Up

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