Modern Python Solutions - Part 3

  • Section 1: Testing

    This section will give us a detailed description of the different testing frameworks used in Python.

    • The Course Overview
    • Using docstring for Testing
    • Testing Functions that Raise Exceptions
    • Handling Common doctest Issues
    • Creating Separate Test Modules and Packages
    • Combining the unittest and doctest Tests
    • Testing Things that Involve Dates and Time
    • Testing Things That Involve Randomness
    • Mocking External Resources

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  • Section 2: Web Services

    This section will show you, number of ways for creating RESTful web services and also serving static or dynamic content.

    • Implementing Web Services with WSGI
    • Using the Flask Framework for RESTful APIs
    • Parsing the Query String in a Request
    • Making REST Requests Using urllib
    • Parsing the URL Path
    • Parsing a JSON Request
    • Implementing Authentications for Web Services

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  • Section 3: Application Integration

    This section will show you the ways that we can design applications that can be composed to create larger, more sophisticated composite applications. We will also look at the complications that can arise from composite applications and the need to centralize some features, such as command-line parsing.

    • Finding Configuration Files
    • Using YAML for Configuration Files
    • Using Python for Configuration Files
    • Using Logging for Control and Audit Output
    • Combining Two Applications into One
    • Combining Many Applications Using the Command Design Pattern
    • Controlling Complex Sequences of Steps

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