Python for Beginners

  • Section 1: Getting Started

    Skill-oriented, instructor-led lectures will guide you through basic learning of Python. In this section, we will learn about the variables, operators, basic code, loops and many other functions. We get to know more through these interactive lectures. By the end of this video, you will successfully create a base platform for further learning of Python.

    • About the Instructor
    • Quick Start: Writing Your First Python Program
    • Using the Shell Window
    • Writing Code in the Editor Window
    • Executing Python on the Command Line

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  • Section 2: Output

    To understand Python programming, we need to execute the program on the command line, thus executing the program as an output. We will get to use the print() and new line function.

    • Section Introduction
    • The print() Function
    • Separators and Newlines

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  • Section 3: Variables

    An introduction to variables, followed by assigning of values. Learn more about variables and different types such as number, string, substring and so on. Plus the concatenation property of string variables.

    • Section Introduction
    • Variable Assignment
    • Number Variables (Int, Float and Complex)
    • String Variables
    • Substrings and Concatenation
    • Variables with Lists,Tuples and Dictionaries

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  • Section 4: Operators

    In this section, we will learn to code with operators which are useful for arithmetic operations, decision making and much more. Different types of operators such as Python comparison and Python logical are also introduced in this section.

    • Section Introduction
    • Python Mathematical Operations
    • Order of Operations
    • Python Comparison Operators
    • Python Logical Operators

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  • Section 5: Code Branching

    Decision making in Python is easier with branching feature.

    • Section information
    • Simple If Statements
    • If...else statements
    • Nested If Statements
    • Ternary Operator

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  • Section 6: Loops

    Loops allow a section of code to be repeated based on evaluating some condition.

    • Section Introduction
    • While loops
    • For loops
    • Nested Loops
    • Break and Continue Statements

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  • Section 7: Math Functions

    In this section, learn about the built-in functions that make complex calculations easy. Casting, mathematical and random functions are also present in Python code.

    • Section Introduction
    • Casting Functions
    • Mathematical Functions
    • Random Functions

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  • Section 8: Python String Functions

    In this section, we learn about string manipulation with the help of various functions provided by Python.

    • Section Information
    • capitalize(), center() and count()
    • find(), isalpha(), isdigit()
    • join(), len() and split()

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  • Section 9: Tuples and Dictionaries

    In this section, we familiarize you with data structures of Python. Tuples are list that cannot be changed once stored. Key-value data about a single entry in a single object is stored in dictionaries. We learn to create, access these data structures.

    • Section Information
    • Creating Tuples
    • Accessing Values in Tuples
    • Tuple Functions
    • Declaring a Dictionary
    • Accessing and Editing Values in Dictionary
    • Dictionary Functions

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  • Section 10: Time and Date

    In this section , we dive into the time and date functions available in Python.

    • Section Introduction
    • The Time Tuple
    • The Calendar
    • Time and Calendar Functions

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  • Section 11: Python Functions

    Create custom functions and tie them together as a module.

    • Section Introduction
    • Defining and Calling a Simple Function
    • Required Argument Functions
    • Keyword Argument Functions
    • Default Function Arguments
    • Return Statement
    • Creating and Consuming Python Modules

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  • Section 12: Input/Output

    In this section, introduce yourself to keyboard inputs and learn to read and write files.

    • Section Introduction
    • Reading Keyboard Input
    • Reading External Text File
    • Writing External Text File

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  • Section 13: More with Python

    In this section, we work with Python features like handling exception, web server coding and processing form data.

    • Section Introduction
    • Handling Exceptions
    • Web Server Coding with Python
    • Processing Form Data in the Python
    • Wrap up and Goodbye

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