Python for Beginners

Learn Python-- The Swiss Army Knife of Coding Languages

Few programming languages provide you with the flexibility and pure power of Python.If you're becoming a professional developer, or are early in your development career, adding the Python skill set isn't just a resume embellishment-- It's an empowering language that will allow you to write procedural code in many types of environments and for many uses.Python is commonly used for server side programming for complex web applications or as a middle tier language providing web services or a communication layer with larger ecommerce systems. That being said, it's also a great language for beginners. The clear syntax makes it very easy to learn, and the powerful libraries make all types of programming possible. There are libraries for everything from games and graphics to complex mathematics to network and embedded programming.

Who this course is for

First time Python programmers, Students and Teachers, IT pros who want to learn to code, Aspiring data scientists who want to add Python to their tool arsenal.

What you will learn from this course

Table of Contents

  1. Getting Started
    • About the Instructor
    • Quick Start: Writing Your First Python Program
    • Using the Shell Window
    • Writing Code in the Editor Window
    • Executing Python on the Command Line

  2. Output
    • Section Introduction
    • The print() Function
    • Separators and Newlines

  3. Variables
    • Section Introduction
    • Variable Assignment
    • Number Variables (Int, Float and Complex)
    • String Variables
    • Substrings and Concatenation
    • Variables with Lists,Tuples and Dictionaries

  4. Operators
    • Section Introduction
    • Python Mathematical Operations
    • Order of Operations
    • Python Comparison Operators
    • Python Logical Operators

  5. Code Branching
    • Section information
    • Simple If Statements
    • If...else statements
    • Nested If Statements
    • Ternary Operator

  6. Loops
    • Section Introduction
    • While loops
    • For loops
    • Nested Loops
    • Break and Continue Statements

  7. Math Functions
    • Section Introduction
    • Casting Functions
    • Mathematical Functions
    • Random Functions

  8. Python String Functions
    • Section Information
    • capitalize(), center() and count()
    • find(), isalpha(), isdigit()
    • join(), len() and split()

  9. Tuples and Dictionaries
    • Section Information
    • Creating Tuples
    • Accessing Values in Tuples
    • Tuple Functions
    • Declaring a Dictionary
    • Accessing and Editing Values in Dictionary
    • Dictionary Functions

  10. Time and Date
    • Section Introduction
    • The Time Tuple
    • The Calendar
    • Time and Calendar Functions

  11. Python Functions
    • Section Introduction
    • Defining and Calling a Simple Function
    • Required Argument Functions
    • Keyword Argument Functions
    • Default Function Arguments
    • Return Statement
    • Creating and Consuming Python Modules

  12. Input/Output
    • Section Introduction
    • Reading Keyboard Input
    • Reading External Text File
    • Writing External Text File

  13. More with Python
    • Section Introduction
    • Handling Exceptions
    • Web Server Coding with Python
    • Processing Form Data in the Python
    • Wrap up and Goodbye

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